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Every year thousands of people are arrested and charged with crimes. Some of those individuals will end up with a criminal record and others will not. However, all of those individuals will more than likely, at some point, be eligible to have those records removed from the public files. Most great employment opportunities require a prospective employee submit to a background check to ensure that the person does not have a criminal history. Many people only then learn that there is something negative contained in their background

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Many people do not know that under the laws of New Jersey their criminal records can be expunged and cleared. The law allows individuals to file a petition for expungement to remove any derogatory information from a person’s record including: complaints, warrants, arrests, rap sheets, photographs and fingerprints. For municipal court convictions a person must wait five years to file an expungement petition. For superior court convictions a person must wait ten years. Arrests and complaints that were dismissed or frivolous can be expunged immediately.

The law in this area is not simple because there are different time frames for different offenses and there are other conditions that may also be required for a person to be eligible for an expungement. Individuals should contact an attorney to discuss the particulars of their case to determine their eligibility. Moreover, the use of the expungement process can assist persons with clearing up their record so that it is not a hindrance to better employment or other significant opportunities in their lives.

Article by Montell Figgins who practices criminal law in Newark, NJ. He can be reached at 973-242-2425.

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Client Found Not Guilt on ALL Charges

After a 10 day trial, my client was found not guilty on all charges including carjacking, robbery, possession of a weapon and conspiracy. It’s been more than 3 years since the Figgins Law firm has lost at trial. Good luck to my client who promised his three year old daughter he would be home before Christmas

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. Thanks to the Figgins Law firm he will walk out of jail after more than 2 years.

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Not Guilty of Attempted Murder

I am pleased to announce after a 92 day trial with approximately 200 witnesses and over 1 million pages of discovery my client was found not guilty of attempted murder, gang assault, possession of a loaded weapon, gang assault as well as other charges. The jury could not reach a verdict on conspiracy to commit first degree murder where my client faced a life sentence. Job Well Done

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