Why Choose the Law Offices of

Montell Figgins to Represent You in Court

Mr. Figgins has handled numerous cases just like yours. Every person’s case is unique, however, hiring an attorney who has handled similar cases can be an advantage. Mr. Figgins may have a unique approach that he has developed to defend your case. Or he may already know an avenue to get your case dismissed or downgraded.

YOU ALWAYS NEED A TRIAL LAWYER!: If you are facing the prospect of a lengthy jail sentence or the imposition of a criminal record if you hire a lawyer who is afraid of a trial or does not have the skills to cross examine, argue motions to the court and proffer evidence on your behalf than you are at a disadvantage. Judges and prosecutors know who the lawyers are who regularly conduct trials. Often times, the notion of a trial will convince the prosecutor and/or judges to offer more favorable dispositions.

HONEST AND AFFORDABLE: You have undoubtedly heard the lawyer jokes among friends. Lawyers get a bad rap because they often over promise to their clients or stretch the truth to get paid more money. At the Law Offices of Montell Figgins, we believe in fair and affordable legal fees for our clients. We also believe in making sure our clients receive top notch legal services.

TRACK RECORD: Our track record   speaks for itself. Mr. Figgins has garnered unparalleled success in the courtrooms across the Northeast. Peruse the case studies and links to all of the cases the Mr. Figgins has handled that have been covered by the media.

Mr. Figgins representation is that of an aggressive, experienced trial lawyer. Contact Montell Figgins today for a free consultation.