Real Estate Litigation

Zoning and Planning

The Law Offices of Montell Figgins regularly represents parties in real estate litigation, real estate transactions and before municipal boards and councils. Mr. Figgins has extensive experience in real estate development and litigation. Mr

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. Figgins served on the Planning board for the City of East Orange, New Jersey for approximately (2) years where he participated in over 25 hearings regarding petitions for variances for parking, lot size, building size, as well as petitions to use structures for a non-conforming use. Mr. Figgins was trained how to read and interpret blue prints, site design plans, geographical studies, water drainage plans, lot dimensions, soil grading plans. Mr. Figgins has also cross examined numerous experts such as traffic design experts, soil experts, site engineers, architects, and other types of experts who have testified before planning and zoning boards in the state of New Jersey.

The Law Offices of Montell Figgins can competently represent your interest before zoning boards of adjustment, planning boards, municipal city councils, and any other administrative or state agencies when it comes to real estate development. If there is litigation ongoing regarding your real estate matter the Law Offices of Montell Figgins is prepared to lead the fight.

Landlord Tennant

The landlord and tenant relationship is not a relationship of indefinite duration. Although the relationship may seem smooth at first, eventually, all good things come to an end, and sometimes FAST! Eviction actions for nonpayment, sending notices to cease and notices to quit, and filing collection actions can be a real pain. For this reason, it is important that you select an experienced attorney to guide you in the process. Notwithstanding his outstanding trial experience, Attorney Figgins is has dealt with nearly every area of residential and commercial real estate, including negotiations with rent control boards, drafting of complex lease agreements, and development of tenant screening protocols and applications.

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