Montell Figgins, Esq. has handled more than 10,000 criminal cases.
During his career, he has litigated more than 1,000 cases
and tried more than 250 of them.
The following are articles featuring cases he has handled.

Murder Trial Plumbs Gang Violence

April 2016

Murder trial plumbs gang violence, adding to a family’s pain.
After a Harlem family lost their daughter to a gang member’s
bullet, they advocated to alleviate the violence.


Fight Breaks Out at Newark
Anti-Violence Rally (Photos)

December 2015

A disturbance broke out between rival activists on the steps
of City Hall during what had been intended as a demonstration
against violence in Newark.


Fourth Person Wanted in Brutal
Downtown Newark Beating

January 2016

Man is brutally beaten in Newark. The fourth of five men
wanted in connection with a daytime assault of a man
caught on video has been arrested.


Facebook Posts Loom Large in Trial
for Slain Basketball Star’s Brother

February 2016

Taylonn Murphy Jr., who stands accused of murder and conspiracy
charges as part of the largest gang bust in New York City history.


Dentist Receptionist Stole Patient Info to
Buy $700K in Apple Gift Cards

February 2015

A receptionist at a Manhattan dental office stole
confidential information from hundreds of patient’s.


Apple Gift Cards Fraudulently Purchased

February 2015

Da Vance announces 354-Count indictment against identity
theft ring that fraudulently purchased Apple gift cards.


$200 Million Credit Card Fraud Scam

February 2013

Crime ring invented 7,000 fake identities to obtain tens of
thousands of credit cards. 18 people charged in Int’l scam.


R&B Singer Jeremih Arrested

December 2014

R&B singer Jeremih arrested attempting to board plane.

Homeowner Rakes Wells Fargo

May 2015

Homeowner Rakes Wells Fargo Over the Coals.


Gang Members Riot at Manhattan Courthouse

December 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Gang members riot at Manhattan courthouse



NJ Woman Fleeing Cops Kills Passenger

July 2015

N.J. woman fleeing cops kills passenger in crash: cops.

3 Labor Union Members Accept Bribes

April 2015

Three Labor Union Members Plead Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court To Accepting Bribes In Exchange For Labor Union Memberships.


Longshoreman Admits Bilking Co-Workers

October 2015

Longshoreman admits bilking co-workers, taking almost $87K.



Harlem Sting Attempts to End Gang Feud

June 2014

Harlem sting attempts to end gang feud.




Members of Bronx Gang “280′ Indicted

June 2014

Members of Bronx gang ‘280’ indicted.




Brooklyn Soccer Club Owner Charged with Molestation

April 2011

Brooklyn soccer club owner charged with molesting 8-year-old girl.


Threatened to Kill Wife and Baby

Ulubek Khakimov carved epithets into wife’s body, threatened to kill her and baby: police

Drug Dealer Indicted on Multiple Counts

Columbia worker busted for selling marijuana, LSD and Ecstasy

Medicare-Fraud Crackdown Corrals 114

Officials Say Nine-City Sweep, Involving $240 Million in Alleged Schemes, Is the Biggest Such Roundup in U.S. History.

College Basketball Player Escapes Jail Time

Robert Mitchell sentenced to probation.

Not Guilty for First Degree Murder

State of New Jersey vs. D.R. Mr. Figgins aggressively cross examined the medical examiner for the state of New Jersey, as well as multiple eyewitnesses to the murder on a dangerous Newark, NJ street.

Robery Trial of Kelly Whitney – Former Pirate Basketball Player

Ex-Seton Hall basketball player Robert Mitchell testifies in robbery trial of Kelly Whitney, another former Pirate.

11 Cocaine Arrests – 4 Guns Seized

Drug Ring Sold Rx Painkillers and Cocaine in Brooklyn and Staten Island: 11 Arrests, 4 Guns Seized.

Prison Employee Charged with Aiding Inmate

Northern State Prison employee charged with providing cell phone to inmate.

White Collar Crime Embezzlement

Embezzler faces music.

State of New Jersey vs. L.O.

Roselle, NJ Gun Possession case goes to Supreme Court.
State of New Jersey v. Larson O’Conner

Jury Acquits Defendant for Weapon Charges

Aquittal in Gun Case in Jersey City. New Jersey. Orange man breaks into tears after jury acquits him on weapons charges.

HS Student’s Acid Eye Burning Charge

Brooklyn high school acid attack: Zhanna Smsaria charged with trying to burn classmate’s ‘eyes out’.