Montell Figgins has Personally Handled Over 10,000 Criminal Cases

Through his zealous representation and advocacy in thousands of criminal cases, Attorney Figgins has been able to make his mark as one of the most fierce, intelligent, savvy, and passionate criminal lawyers in the New York New Jersey tri-state area. Not only has Attorney Figgins handled thousands of cases in almost every county in the State of New Jersey and all five boroughs of New York City as a criminal defense attorney, but he has also prosecuted thousands of cases as a former Assistant District Attorney in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

Therefore, Attorney Figgins is no stranger to both sides of the spectrum. To have a criminal defense attorney with the unique perspective of a former prosecutor is a tremendous advantage to an individual facing criminal charges.


The Law Offices of Montell Figgins has garnered unparalleled success in the court room and earned his reputation as one of the most experienced and successful trial lawyers in New York or New Jersey. Mr. Figgins has personally handled over 10,000 criminal cases. He has successfully tried over 500 criminal trails/hearings and close to 100 jury trials. This experience translates into success. Mr. Figgins has not lost a criminal trial since 2012 having received multiple NOT GUILTY verdicts for charges such as First degree Murder, Attempted Murder, Conspiracy to commit first degree murder, carjacking, robbery, possession of a firearm, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

If you are facing criminal charges you will want to consult Mr. Figgins and see what strategies he will institute in your specific case to keep you out of jail and criminal record free.

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